5 Key Tips to Boost Social Shares and Conversions

In an environment where it is becoming increasing harder for brands to cut through the noise and be recognised, what can you do to increase shares and conversion of your content and keep your audience engaged? We’re already one month down into 2017, so before any more of the year runs away with us, I wanted to offer some advice to help you boost your

Below are our top 5 tips to help you get started and, if implemented correctly, should have you well on your way yo to building and nurturing and connected and loyal audience online.
5 Key Tips to Boost Social Shares and Conversions

Videos and Live-Streaming
We already have our Facebook and Instagram feed taken up predominantly by video, and no doubt we’ll see even more of it in the year ahead. With Facebook users alone watching 100 million hours of video every single day and platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all having released live video offerings, couple that with the increasing uptake of Snapchat, it’s pretty safe to safe that the regular and creative use of video and live-streaming are going to remain key to keeping your audience engaged.

Tag a Friend
An easy way to build relationships and increase your reach on social media is to tag others when sharing posts.  Everyone wants to be recognised and acknowledged and by tagging influencers, brands, fans and friends you aid in not only giving your content “legs” as it increases the opportunity for re-sharing and engagement but it also positions your brand as actively engaged in the community.

Curated Content
Social media content curation is an ideal way for you to share valuable content with your audience without having to constantly create original content yourself. Nobody wants their social feed filled with endless streams of rubbish, so curating the most valuable content from the most reputable sources is not only a way to increase the opportunity for social sharing, recognition, engagement, and an increase in followers but it’s also a great way to position your brand as a trusted “go-to” source for industry-related news.
If you want to get technical there is a so-called “Golden Ratio” for content curation which states that for every 10 pieces of content shared, 6 should be curated pieces, 3 original pieces and 1 promotional. Whilst it’s not an exact science it’s definitely worth finding a formula that best works for you and your brand.

Keep it Visual

With a plethora of information at our fingers tips, it’s becoming harder and harder for brands to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Visual posts, research has shown, are far more likely to be re-shared and have a higher engagement rate. Including infographics, GIF’s, meme’s, well-shot images and visual quotes is an easy and effective way to increase engagement. I would suggest having a brand style guide and making sure your visual content is strongly aligned and remains at all times “on-brand”.

Post Frequency and Emotive Titles 
If you want to increase engagement then you need to be engaging regularly and consistently with your audience, you can’t expect to drive conversations and engagement with a post once a week. There are many guidelines for ideal times of the day to post and frequency depending on the platform, and again while it’s not an exact science I highly recommend committing to a schedule monitoring and refining.
Also be cognizant of your post titles, catchy “emotive” titles are most like to grab your audience’s attention along with how to, list, and question headlines which all tend to get the most engagement. So spend a little extra time when writing the headlines of your social shares.

I hope these tips help in the months ahead, keep an eye out for regular tips and advice to help you navigate your way through the digital landscape.

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